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New song Mario - Care For You.mp3 music download

Mario - Care For You

Care For You, I was NOT expecting to CRY!!!! RIP to his mom.
This was a good video. It looked like he was having therapy sessions with his younger "selves" (?) very creative.
Finally, a song with substance and I love it! RIP Daddy
Anyone reading this msg, please take the time to start healing your inner child or continue to love on your inner child & heal yourself to be able to find or continue to find you again ..
it's your journey & apart of you .. embrace it to be able to transform ! It often starts at home at a very young age & will carry over into childhood ..
often without realization (from others and how they have affected you) & that it's even still affecting you in ways .. praying & sending healing & loving blessings to you all
Take care of that hurt little boy inside of you Mario. He deserves to be happy.

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