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Melii - Shit Talk

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Melii - Shit Talk lyrics(letra):

Why they coming for the king
Haters on me like a feen
I’ve been counting up my green
Killer style what you mean
Yellow tape Murder scene
Pray to God to redeem
Treat the game like a scheme
Going off for the team
Do it all for the dream
Ball in my court now they call me Hakeem
They all in my face tryna eat off my plate
Once he give me the neck keep him fed
Then I skate
Who you tryna herb
I’m making moves what’s the word?
You pick up bread you a bird
Pull up bitch I ain’t scared
Triple dash when I skurt
Bugging out off the perk
Bring your goons fuck you heard
I’m that Dominican Mami that be up in Harlem
My niggas they love me
They down when I call them they scrap then they ask what’s the problem
Shout out to ace on the island show no love to my niggas? You wilding
Money, pussy, run the world
Jiggy shorty with the curls (yuh)
I ain’t tryna bag ya man I’m just tryna get bands (yuh)
I ain’t tryna be ya friend only me and Benjiman (yuh)
You know that I got the juice I’m a legend living proof (yuh)
Pretty Mama in a coop for the haters bullet proof (yuh)
You know I can never lose am a beast at what I do (yuh yuh)

Yo who the fuck are you like
I never fucking heard of you
Where in Harlem you from
You and ya bum ass curls
Take that fucking jacket of you
Why that shit off ya shoulders B
Like are you a rapper singer
You fucking wack

Get off my dick
They wanna hate but then ask for a pic
And I swear it be making me sick
My kids they be all in your mouth lemme know when they out
I’m cashing checks in out and about
You broke n stress bitch you stuck in a drought
Te jiede la vida
Si te quilla ben ponte en la fila
La Mujeres me miran
Y se viran
Wanna treat me like tila tequila
Bitch you can’t kill me I’m a bad bitch!
You know I eat rice and cabbage
You know that I am savage
If I want it I take it I have it
We not the same bitch you average
Lil titties but you know I’m packen
I turn up and then it’s silencio
I got the flow it’s violento
Todo Que quiere lo tengo
Your nigga se fue en sentimiento
Yo no le di un momento
Tedigo verdad no te miento
Pero a mi no me venga Con cuento
Ni presion talking Crazy te encuentro
Throwing subs on the gram
Broke bitch understand
You can really catch these hands
Feeling froggy
Bitch jump

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