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Lil Poppa Introduction.mp3 music download, Lil Poppa Introduction official video song.
New song Lil Poppa Introduction.mp3 music download
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Lil Poppa Introduction lyrics(letra):

Dubba-AA flexin'
High Def go crazy
This is the sound

Mama say, "Son, you a blessing in disguise, I ain't lyin''
Finally on, nigga, now it's game time, game time
Niggas say I changed up, it's hard to stay the same now
Bitches fuckin' off my name, it's comin' with the fame now
In the foreign without the brain, I be switchin' lanes now
Already done copped the chain, I'm waitin' on the rain now
Don't tolerate no disrespect so we be steppin' on a nigga
I ain't never had a check so I be flexin' on a nigga
Everybody call and ask for somethin', they don't be checkin' on a nigga
They had checks all on a nigga, they was bettin' on a nigga
I was blessin' all my shooters, send a vet' to come and get you
At your neck with a .38, no, he don't like them pretty pistols
Bad bitch like 26, she like to send me pussy pictures
When you did what you did, they labeled you a pussy nigga
They labeled you a pussy nigga and they call me the GOAT
Soon as the check cleared, I went and spent it on a coat
I ain't gon' spend it on some dope, I'm on some other shit
I got your taxes in my pocket, fuck the government
Lil' pretty ho and she gon' chew me like some doublemint
All in the city with that glizzy, this my brother's shit
That chopper pretty, it got titties, that's my cousin's shit
Stood on that block 'til it got hot just like some oven mitts
Stood on that block 'til it got hot, they bend the corner, let off shots
They let off shots and we got shot, a purple heart, that's what I got
That shit they talk, they better stand on it
Mama said two wrongs don't make a right
But you wrong, mama, if they take a life, we take a life
Fuck that shit, we spin tonight, if they ain't out, we spinnin' twice
On Dezi's block, we dodgin' vice, a lot of molly, weed, and white
I've never been the type to fight, I be so quick to fuck your wife
I be so quick to grab the pipe, I be so quick to take your life
I miss the left so made a right, granted, I still ain't made it right
Yes, I talk to God about it but he still ain't made it right
But no God, I ain't rushin' you, just take your time and do it right
I close my eyes, still see the light, it be fuckin' with my sight
Remember when I had the weed, that lil' nigga with the sight
Hit my brother for the clean, heat a nigga with the cry
Now I'm fuckin' with the mic, still them niggas with the mice
Shinin' harder than a bitch, that lil' nigga with the ice
Know I don't fuck with the rats, got more cheese than the mice
Got off my ass and hit the gas, put the city on my back
See Chevy like my blood brother, he was Cody, I was Zack
See I was Spodee, he was quiet, remember them nights when we was slidin'
Remember them nights when they was hot, remember them mornings they was dyin'
Open that door, them bullets flyin', it's a lot of those mamas cryin'
And that's just what your son get for fuckin' with us

Ayy, roll him up, Backwood, we don't fuck with them dutch
Don't fuck with clubs, but when I do, I post up in the cut
Ashes to ashes, light it then pass it, we turn niggas to dust
She freaky and nasty, bend her over, I put dick in her gut
Pullin' her hair with my left hand, I be slappin' her butt
We was broke a couple weeks ago and now I'm rich as the fuck
You must've think a nigga playin', you need a ticket to fuck
Told the jeweler make it look like I done put my wrist in the cup
Ayy, get the money, the only mission is bucks, they know I'm livin' it up
Pockets, I'm fillin' 'em up, they know I'm sealin' it up
Know they ain't realer than us

This is the sound

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